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E&E provides effective and efficient energy and environmental solutions informed by science.

Energy & Environment (E&E) has the privilege of oversight for important matters impacting all of us. Arkansans are forward-thinking and understand the numerous economic opportunities associated with the wide array of energy resources found within the borders of our state. We also value our beautiful, varied landscapes and abundant water sources—our environment.

We Protect

our state’s economic and environmental interests by always listening and learning, and then executing and improving

We Respond

to regulated facilities that want to learn to do better for their communities and to citizen concerns in those rare instances when someone loses sight of our shared goals

We Implement

a variety of federal energy and environmental programs that are assigned to states, ensuring that Arkansas is always part of the solution

Our Future

It only takes a quick scan of any newspaper or news feed to know why we are so excited about our future here at E&E. The items you read about there—whether it’s the mining of lithium, growing electric vehicle infrastructure, or responsibly managing existing energy resources while simultaneous planning for tomorrow’s alternatives—is the business of E&E. Our role in Arkansas’s newly formed hydrogen hub partnership with Louisiana and Oklahoma to develop, produce, and use clean hydrogen is just one example. And just as it’s always been, all of this future work will be done with an eye toward keeping Arkansas beautiful.

Our History

Established in 2019 as part of Governor Asa Hutchinson’s historic legislative effort—the Transformation and Efficiencies Act of 2019—E&E includes the Division of Environmental Quality, the Arkansas Geological Survey, the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission, the Arkansas Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, and the Arkansas Pollution Control & Ecology Commission.

Our Organizational Structure

Led by Secretary Shane E. Khoury, E&E is divided into two major programmatic divisions: the Division of Energy & Mineral Resources (DEMR) and the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Chief Administrator of Energy Lawrence Bengal leads DEMR, which is comprised of the Oil & Gas Commission, the Geological Survey, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, the Arkansas Energy Office, the Office of Mining, and Emergency Management.

Division of Environmental Quality Director and Chief Administrator of the Environment Caleb J. Osborne oversees DEQ, which consists of the Office of Air Quality, the Office of Land Resources, the Office of Water Quality, and Enterprise Services.

The Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (PC&EC) is the environmental policy-making body for Arkansas. With guidance from the governor, the legislature, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, PC&EC determines environmental policy, which is then implemented and enforced by DEQ.

The Office of Operations, led by April Golden, is comprised of Administrative Services including fiscal, compliance, fleet, and facilities; Communications; Human Resources; and Information Technology. 

E&E Cabinet

Questions or Comments?

Shane E. Khoury


Caleb J. Osborne

Division of Environmental Quality Director and Chief Administrator of the Environment

Lawrence E. Bengal

Chief Administrator of Energy

Lauren Ballard

Chief of Staff

Carol A. Booth

Chief of Communications

Report an Emergency

If you are reporting a spill, leak, geohazard event, release of petroleum products, hazardous materials, or gases that requires an immediate emergency response, please call the:

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management

Then contact the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment:

E&E Emergency Management

If after hours, please leave a message. Your call will be returned.