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Through its offices of air quality, land resources, and water quality, the Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is charged with protecting, enhancing, and restoring Arkansas’s environment. Much of DEQ’s work is accomplished by inspectors, geologists, and engineers who work and live in communities throughout Arkansas.  This means our staff have a thorough understanding of the areas they serve and have the added incentive to care for the places where they and their families live and work.

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Bailey Taylor

Interim Division of Environmental Quality Director and Chief Administrator of the Environment

"DEQ plays a vital role in making Arkansas an exceptional place to live, work, and play. DEQ staff lead in protecting and enhancing our environment through programs that issue sound, protective, defensible permits; provide compliance assistance; and exercise regulatory oversight to investigate and address environmental challenges. DEQ’s robust programs enable the regulatory community to confidently operate while being protective of the environment. We strive to work as a partner with stakeholders to understand and address challenges in a manner that best serves the state and all Arkansans."

As the Interim Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director and Chief Administrator of the Environment for the Arkansas Department of Energy & Environment, Bailey Taylor has statutory signatory authority for Arkansas’s thirteen federally delegated environmental programs.

Prior to this interim role, Bailey served as the interim associate director of the Office of Land Resources and deputy associate director of the Office of Water Quality for E&E’s Division of Environmental Quality. Bailey earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science from the University of Central Arkansas. After graduating, she spent five years as an environmental scientist on a toxicology emergency response team for incidents across North America. Since joining E&E, Bailey has served in each of the three technical offices: Air, Land, and Water.

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Bailey Taylor

Interim Division of Environmental Quality Director and Chief Administrator of Environment

Colbie Jones

Associate Environment Administrator, Division of Environmental Quality

Stacie Wassell

Associate Director, Office of Water Quality

Lucy Cross

Enterprise Services Director, Enterprise Services

Demetria Kimbrough

Associate Director, Office of Air Quality

Bryan Leamons

Associate Director, Office of Land Resources

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