Arkansas Energy & Environment

E&E advances responsible management of resources and protection of the environment

Division of Energy & Mineral Resources​

DEMR promotes sustainable, orderly, and environmentally sound development of energy and mineral resources​

Division of Environmental Quality​

DEQ advances the quality of our environment and economy through the protection of air, land, and water resources​

Pollution Control & Ecology Commission​

PC&EC promulgates rules and provides adjudicatory review of certain administrative actions, as authorized by the Arkansas Water and Air Pollution Control Act​

AR Will Benefit from Increased Demand for Lithium

AR Will Benefit from Increased Demand for Lithium

The fascination with Arkansas’s diamond mines soon may be matched with interest in its bromine brines. A state-of-the-art facility is already extracting lithium—a critical mineral for the production of batteries and electronics—from bromine brines produced from the Jurassic Smackover Formation.

Meet E&E Secretary

Shane E. Khoury

"As E&E secretary, I will work to promote and encourage the environmentally sound development of our energy and mineral resources while protecting our Natural State’s clean air, water, and land. I will also ensure that E&E consistently operates with integrity, transparency, and efficiency. When we work together, we diversify our strengths to protect, promote, and enhance some of Arkansas’s most valuable resources so that we continue to build a prosperous future."

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK—The Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (PC&EC) has canceled its meeting scheduled for Friday, August 25, 2023. The next PC&EC meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Friday…

2021 Department Metrics

E&E’s mission is to provide effective and efficient energy and environmental solutions informed by science. That means we responsibly manage Arkansas’s natural resources and protect its environment. These representative accomplishments demonstrate our success in keeping Arkansas economically sound and naturally beautiful.

Acres Returned to Use
Awarded Through Clean Fuels Program
Water Analyses Performed
Houses Weatherized
In Recycling Tax Credits
Electric Vehicle Chargers Installed
Propane Permits Issued
Seismic Events Evaluated
Miles of Pipeline Permitted & Inspected

Report an Emergency

If you are reporting a spill, leak, geohazard event, release of petroleum products, hazardous materials, or gases that requires an immediate emergency response, please call the:

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management

Then contact the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment:

E&E Emergency Management

If after hours, please leave a message. Your call will be returned.

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