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The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) promotes energy efficiency, clean technology, and sustainable strategies that encourage economic development, energy security, and the environmental well-being of Arkansas’s businesses, communities, and citizens.

AEO has oversight of assistance programs like the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and initiatives such as Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting. In addition, AEO administers Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funded opportunities, including the Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program and the DC Fast Charge Funding assistance Program.

Mitchell Simpson

Director, Arkansas Energy Office

"We offer assistance to businesses, communities, and individuals through residential and commercial energy codes, energy performance contracting, as well as education and training on energy efficiency. Through partnerships we promote the use of alternative fuels for transportation, energy technology loans, low-income energy and utility assistance, weatherization assistance, funding for electric vehicle infrastructure, and other initiatives."

AR Will Benefit from Increased Demand for Lithium

AR Will Benefit from Increased Demand for Lithium

The fascination with Arkansas’s diamond mines soon may be matched with interest in its bromine brines. A state-of-the-art facility is already extracting lithium—a critical mineral for the production of batteries and electronics—from bromine brines produced from the Jurassic Smackover Formation.
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Director, Arkansas Energy Office

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