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Although varied in their specific missions, each of the entities that comprise the Division of Energy & Mineral Resources (DEMR)—the Arkansas Energy Office, the Office of Mining, the Geological Survey, Emergency Management, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board, and the Oil & Gas Commission—share common goals of best practices and excellent representation of Arkansans’ interests in their respective fields of expertise.

Oil & Gas Commission

Office of the State Geologist

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Arkansas Energy Office

Office of Mining

Emergency Management

Lawrence Bengal

Chief Administrator of Energy

"At DEMR, our focus is real-world solutions that translate into lasting improvements for all Arkansans."

At E&E, Lawrence Bengal is not only the Chief Administrator of Energy, he’s also the Director of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission and an Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commissioner. In addition, he serves as Governor Hutchinson’s representative to both the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission and the Interstate Mining Compact Commission. An expert in the field of geologic storage of carbon dioxide, Bengal has been called on to testify before United States Senate and House Committees on this subject as well as a variety of oil and gas-related matters.

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Lawrence Bengal

Chief Administrator of Energy and Director, Oil & Gas Commission

Andrea Hopkins

Associate Energy Administrator, Division of Energy & Mineral Resources, Emergency Management

Scott Ausbrooks

Director, Office of the State Geologist

Kevin Pfalser

Director, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board

Mitchell Simpson

Director, Arkansas Energy Office

Kevin White

Program Manager, Mining Program

Report an Emergency

If you are reporting a spill, leak, geohazard event, release of petroleum products, hazardous materials, or gases that requires an immediate emergency response, please call the:

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management

Then contact the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment:

E&E Emergency Management

If after hours, please leave a message. Your call will be returned.

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